Industrie Service plc.

service for medical analysis systems

Professional support
for professional
diagnostic labsystems:

The Industrie Service plc. is a medium-sized service company located in Penzberg.

With 35 employees, we are in charge of more than 1000 diagnostic analysis systems around Penzberg/Upper Bavaria.

For more than 30 years, our core competencies have been professional technical service and device management.

  • What sets us apart:

    What sets us apart:

    “For the Industrie Service plc., working customer-specifically means to find solutions concerning various fields of medical technology, which are tailored to the customer’s needs.”
    Peter Faltermayr
    Technical manager

Our employees

Are masters and technicians as well as skilled workers with electrical or electronic training

Are long-time employees, bring along many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge

Are trained and certified in regard to the support for labystems in laboratory environments

Work highly independently